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A really welcoming homepage (because that's the point).

What if you started your browsing sessions with a fresh page, with your favorite sites and completely customizable?

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It has style.

There are countless times when the Majestic Start has been reworked. That's why it's so welcoming: we put a nice big picture on it and we made sure it wasn't hidden by the different features we offer.

It is useful.

With each version, we added a new function to Homepage: first a newsfeed, then several ones that you can choose to hide, then geolocated weather, customizable bookmarks, a search bar with 11 engines and useful links accessible in one click.

It respects your privacy.

Why might we store data about your activity on this homepage? The answer: none. That's why we just don't.

Free and open.

Majestic Start is developed in Besançon, France, by an independent developer. He does not receive money from anyone: neither from a company, nor from a state. By using Majestic Start, you choose to use a European and independent site.

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The source code of Majestic Start is publicly available on GitHub.

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