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Discover SmartNet Browser

Between efficiency and respect for privacy, there is no compromise.

Switch to a French browser, without telemetry and without useless functions, designed to allow you to get started quickly.

As simple as that.

SmartNet Browser is designed to let you focus on the essentials. It does not need additional modules to be complete. It also doesn't need a lengthy first-time setup phase after installation. Its interface is light and allows you to get started effortlessly.

Bye, ads.

SmartNet Browser includes an ad blocker, which means you can read your articles, chat with your friends and browse your social networks without visual constraints and without behavioral tracking.

What you do with it belongs to you.

Because respecting our users is one of our priorities, we have chosen not to include any telemetry tool in SmartNet Browser. This means that we do not receive any data related to your use of our product that could put your privacy at risk.

Free and open.

SmartNet Browser is developed in Besançon, France, by an independent developer. He does not receive money from anyone: neither from a company, nor from a state. By using SmartNet Browser, you choose to use European and independent software.

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The source code of SmartNet Browser is publicly available on GitHub.

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