Discover MajestiCloud

Your SmartNet Browser and Square Note data follow you everywhere.

A simple, efficient and secure sync service through the Cloud for an optimised experience.

Available everywhere.

With MajestiCloud, sync your Browser and Square Note data between all your devices, wherever you are. A convenient way to find your preferences and everything you like.

Fully secure.

Several security mechanisms are integrated into MajestiCloud and others will be integrated soon so that you can maintain control of your account and take advantage of your data without the risk of it being intercepted.

Your data is truly yours.

At any time, you decide what your data becomes. If by chance you want to leave the service and delete your data, you can do so without superhuman effort and without having to spend time with a prohibitive interface or an agent on the phone trying to hold you back.

Free and open.

MajestiCloud is developed in Besançon, France, by an independent developer. He does not receive money from anyone: neither from a company, nor from a state. By using MajestiCloud, you choose to use European and independent software.

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